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CD playback via HDMI and moOde?
Sitting next to my Raspberry Pi running moOde via an Allo Boss 1.2 dac hat I have an Oppo DVD player that I primarily use for CD playback. The Oppo has an HDMI port, which as I understand it, means that it can transmit i2S data from the Oppo to the Raspberry Pi. If that is so, is it possible to use moOde and the Allo dac to play back CDs. I suspect that would be a superior method in every way.

Hi John,

Why not just rip your CD's to lossless FLAC and play them directly with moOde?

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Well, I guess that's my answer. Wink 

Well, I have--EAC is my friend, but there times when I like to pull out a cd, sit down with the booklet and give it a spin or when a new batch comes in and you just want to get right to it...

    John--who is working on his second moOde instance on a 3b+

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