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Problem: Usb hdd not detect anymore and UI Laggy
Thanks for your great project
I have trouble with my moode , it very laggy and unresponsive ui , if i choose configure menu audio or source or system ..etc will keep loading without any changes ..

And usb hdd is missing after i change sd card to another sd card that contain KODI to play movie ..

How to solve the problem..

Is it any ssh command to detect the usb hdd ?
The symptom suggests something external to moOde software for example a bad sd card, power supply, network issue etc.
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Previously i used moode 3.8.4 working great with same device , i try to install 4.2 repeatedly and try different sd card too but web ui always buffer / keep loading when i click configure or click save / set..

Please anybody that still running on moode 3.8.4 , any image file will be highly appreciated ..please make a backup image using win32 disk imager and share it ..thanks

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