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Blank Radio Panel after fresh installed Moode 4.2
Hi, I come from Germany and it's my first thread that I'm posting. I'm a big fan of the Moode player since many years. A couple of days ago I have installed the new version 4.2 on my Raspberry Pi 2B+. I'm was very happy that I can now play DSD files natively (no DoP) with my USB device ifi Micro iDSD Black Edition without any pop noises while jumping from track to track. But what I have noticed is that the Radio Panel is blank and no Radio Stations are shown. Until yesterday I have not found a solution for that issue. But yesterday I have installed the new Moode Player on the Raspi of my friend and there was the same issue: no Radio Stations on the Radio Panel. Suddenly, I have had shown my friend some features of the Moode Player, the Radio Panel are filled with a huge number of Radio Stations. What was happened? I have clicked on the button "Rescan Music sources". That's the trick! For my installation at home it was not necessary to rescan the music sources because the music titles of my hard disk was scanned automatically after reboot.
I thought perhaps I 'm not the only one who is wondering about the blank radio panel after fresh installation of the Moode 4.2.  Blush

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