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How to stream Qobuz from Windows to Moode
Dear all,

I would like to listen to Qobuz on Moode and to control it via my laptop, but I am a bit confused and I do not know how to do it the right way.

Here are the options I consider:
- Installing Audirvana but I am not really keen to pay for a monthly subscription
- Installing Tuneblade on my laptop and stream via Airplay
- Installing Stream What You Hear or Jamcast and stream via upnp
- Using the Bluetooth connection but it would be lossyy
- Or maybe using upnp in another way but I am just discovering this technology and do not understand how to use it properly

I tried to use Linn Kazoo but could not make it work (it crashes when I enter my Qobuz credentials).
For information I use Bubbleupnp on my android smartphone, it works fine.

Thus I am open for suggestions and I would greatly appreciate some help from you guys. Am I missing something ? Do you think one solution is obviously better than another, from a sound quality perspective ?

Many thanks for your help, and thanks again to the developpers for this awesome piece of software!
The option below would prolly would be easiest.

- Installing Tuneblade on my laptop and stream via Airplay
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