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Instruction Guide moOde 8.1 MOTU AVB USB drivers
The MOTU AVB devices are wonderfull devices, but comes with a temper. 

In case you have problems with channel playback (channel hopping, glitches) or using simultaneously playback & capture, there is driver available created by Drumfix.

Downside of the driver is that it currently can only be used with fixed samplerate.

The moode 8.1 repos provide the driver as prebuild package (32 and 64bit)and can be installed from command-line with apt.

The name of the driver contains the current kernel version:
pi@moode:~ $ uname -a
Linux bullseye 5.15.32-v7l+ #1538 SMP Thu Mar 31 19:39:41 BST 2022 armv7l GNU/Linux

Install the driver:
pi@moode:~ $ sudo apt install motu-avb-usb-5.15.32

The default configuration is place in /etc/modprobe.d/motu-avb.conf:
pi@moode:~ $ cat /etc/modprobe.d/motu-avb.conf
options motu samplerate=44100 midi=0 vendor=0 ins=8 outs=6

After changing the config a reboot is the easiest way to activate the changes.

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