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Idea: Upgrading my DAC Hat
Excellent build instructions. Smile
I have ordered the TDA1387 x 8 module and look forward to some evenings constructing this coming autumn.


Sounds good.

I have tried a few TDA1387 DACs. The L1387 USB eight and four, the TeraDak HAT, and the Garmin DAC from DIYA. I went to this design, which was the simplest implementation, as a starting point, and it turned out to be the best sounding.
(01-22-2023, 06:25 AM)DRONE7 Wrote: Would you care to post a detailed build thread for that ?
I have an ancient Phillips cd-650 c/w TDA1541 and would be interested to reuse.

There are the Philips HiFi Forum 10th Anniversary board and variants designed for the TDA1541. From PCBs to completed DACs. No personal experience.

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