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Hello From England
Hello out there, Just thought I'd introduce myself.

My names Jason, Nearly fifty year old HIFi enthusiast, My current kit consists of:

Roksan Kandy KII Integrated Amplifier (not BT)
Roksan Kandy KII CDP
Roksan TR5-S2 Speakers
Partington Soundstyle Z2 speaker stands (Sand Filled on spikes, on Granite chopping boards, diy speaker feet)
Project Debut Carbon Turntable
Vandamme Black Speaker cable and Interconects.

iQaudio dac+
BRZ Linear PS
1tb ssd drive

The Roksan kit is staying, other kit, well you never stop searching do you? I'm happy for now, and enjoying the music, (motorhead, No sleep 'till Hammersmith).

Started with RuneAudio, which was great at v3, then with updates, got frustrating, followed up with Volumio, which saddly has gone the same way for me, So finally came to MoodeAudio, All good so far, sounds great.

Thanx for reading.

Ooo, Roksan. Nice.

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