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Pi to Pi streaming over wifi?
I am currently in the process of changing the layout of my music system and I was wondering if Moode could support pi to pi streaming over wifi.
The idea is to have a central RPi running moode connected to my library and it would act as the streamer sending music to other RPis, in this case one in each speaker for a complete wireless setup. Obviously this means that the music needs to be 100% in sync between all receiving Rpis.
I know that moode currently supports bluetooth  pi to pi, but i need something that have a bigger range and a more solid connection than BT.
moOde only supports multi-room synchronized audio when its operating as an Airplay or Squeezelite renderer. In this case you would use iTunes or LMS as the front end.
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Thanks for the reply Tim
I will look into the details of how the squeezelite renderer works and what the trade-offs are. In the meantime, any clues or pointers would be more than welcome.
I am interested in how the itunes front end would integrate with moode

Edit: Some online research shows that I could stream from an itunes front end to several airplay enabled devices over wifi. Which in my case would mean that I would only need the two Rpis in the speakers to be running moode, and would then stream to both through itune's airplay.
Is that correct?
Correct. Just turn on the Airplay receiver in your moOde devices and they will show up in the list of Airplay devices in iTunes. Select both and the music will play in sync on both audio systems.

Its same for Squeezelite but you would need to install Logitech Media Server (LMS) which is the player for Squeezelite.
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This sounds like a good solid solution.
Thanks! Smile

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