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In need of a "build server" ?
Hi Tim and Kent, 

As I use moOde Audio I would like to contribute. 

I can of course make a small donation, but I can also provide a build server in case you are looking for one. 

It is my own machine. 
It is now a little old, but it has decent specs...

Dual Xeon E5-2698 v4. 
40c/80t at 2.7ghz.
400GB RAM. 
20TB Storage. 
1Gbps internet connection. 
Running on Linux Arch (I know : Arch is not to be used as server Os... You know what ? It's a build serer and Arch can do it...). 

You can have a Virtual Machine with sudo access or access to bare metal with ssh. 

Up about 24/7 (except when I need to reboot it, about once every 2 weeks for 20/30 minutes). 
One restriction : usage of -j56 is appreciated when building to allow me to have some resources left when I'm working :-)

And of course, totally free for as long as it lasts :-)

If you're interested, let me know with private message. 



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