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RPi Zero W + Allo miniBOSS -- anybody tried it?
I'm enjoying my RPi3 + Allo BOSS DAC (1.0) so much that I'm thinking of moving it to the living room and getting a RPi Zero W + Allo miniBOSS DAC for the bedroom. I'm just wondering if anybody has tried the miniBOSS. Will I notice any difference in sound quality? Exactly the same, or is there a compromise somewhere? 

I upgraded to an Allo MiniBoss on my Pi Zero W and initially it sounded awful, rather harsh-sounding. Fortunately, after a few hours burn-in, that harshness has vanished and it sounds great.

To my ears, it has a more defined soundstage and better bass clarity than the Pimoroni pHAT DAC it replaced.



RPi Zero W + Allo miniBOSS = Great Combo!

I use it with battery and headphones when out of home. Love it!

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