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Solved: Sound form NAS is breaking up via WiFi connection
Audio glitches that occur only over WiFi <--> NAS connections can be difficult to troubleshoot because its actually a rare occurrence IME. If for example there were a general 3B+ WiFi issue in moOde 4.3 there would be a lot of trouble reports since a lot of users have 3B+ and NAS configs.

Some of the sources in past troubleshooting included the EMI interference defect in the 1st gen Hifiberry DAC+Pro, poor NAS throughput, poor Router throughput, WiFi signal attenuation from building materials, interference from other EM sources (microwave ovens, etc.). Even the Kali Reclocker would be suspect for EMI based on my tests.

If WiFi interference can be ruled out then examining various logs might show something. 

cat /var/log/syslog
ifconfig (examine the tx/rx stats)
iwconfig (examine the signal quality/level)

You could also try rebooting your NAS.

Some other things to try might be to revert the Linux kernel to the version in moOde 4.2 and if problem goes away, then bump it forward to see which version the problem starts to appear in.

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