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Solved: Sound form NAS is breaking up via WiFi connection
Hi Tim, swizzle,

The WiFi country code is "Japan", of course, of course, and of course I tried to change MPD buffer size already, too.
But 4.3 does not work as I expected.

Next, finally, I tried to revert the kernel to 4.14.54-v7+ via ssh just now, however this modified moOde 4.3 didn't work well, the sound breaking up (choppy sound) is still occurring.

I don't think that the course is the Wifi connection issue at this moment, because there is no problem with moOde 4.2 at all.

Anyway I will switch back to 4.2 until this issue is fixed.
if you want any help this issue, pls let me know.


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RE: Sound form NAS is breaking up via WiFi connection - by kitamura_design - 10-09-2018, 12:39 PM

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