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Solved: Sound form NAS is breaking up via WiFi connection
(10-09-2018, 01:24 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Very odd. IME 99% of the time, audio glitch over WiFi is caused by something external to moOde software for example WiFi interference, bad network adapter, misconfigured Router or Samba/NFS server, misconfigured moOde network settings, etc.

The WiFi adapter drivers are part of Linux kernel so if you reverted and no change it would suggest problem is somewhere other than driver or kernel. In any case, even the 2018-06-27 Stretch Lite will update to 4.14.70 when apt-update/upgrade is run. I'd suggest updating to latest 4.14.73.

echo "y" | sudo PRUNE_MODULES=1 rpi-update 9f230923e419d942cf02fe936ea4fd186d3a21fa

sudo rm -rf /lib/modules.bak
sudo rm -rf /boot.bak
sudo apt-get clean

You could try
- examining your Router syslog and wifi log for anything suspicious.
- specifying ver=2.0 or 3.0 in moOde NAS Config, Advanced, Mount flags

I tried to update to kernel 4.14.73+ as you recommend, 4.3 doesn't work with glitch.
On the other hand, 4.2 moOde with 4.14.73+ (I made apt-get update/upgrade via ssh) works correctly (nothing choppy).

And NAS connection has been denied with Mount Flags "ver=2.0 or 3.0 ...", only when the "ver=1.0..."


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