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Solved: Sound form NAS is breaking up via WiFi connection
(10-09-2018, 05:05 PM)kitamura_design Wrote: Hi,

The CIFS error could be occurred when I tried to mount with some "Mount flags" at ver=2.0 and 3.0 as following with Tim's advice -- Both trial were failed.
I cannot understand what you're saying -- This NAS is mine, of course.


Sorry, I was only asking if it was the NAS containing the music you were having trouble playing. The answer is yes and you have explained why the error messages occurred.

I had not recognized the significance of this line in the r4.3 relnotes: "- UPD: Add audiofile decoder to MPD compile". It will be interesting to see if the new codec(s) have played a role in the stuttering you are experiencing.


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