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Solved: Sound form NAS is breaking up via WiFi connection
(10-10-2018, 12:01 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Problem solved. Your time and effort to help debug the issue are much appreciated :-)
I'll plan to revert to ffmpeg-only compile of MPD in next moOde update which has been super reliable in the 4.0/1/2 releases.

When u get a moment edit your OP (post #1) and change to SOLVED in the dropdown. Thx.

One more thing.

I am tracing this process again on 4.2 of Zero W.

1. To update to 4.3 using with 42sh shell via ssh.
sudo /var/www/command/ r42

2. Kernel becomes 4.14.72+.

3. To exchange MPD-audiophile to MPD-ffmpeg.

4. Audio glitches still occur.

5. To bump to 4.14.73+
sudo rip-update 9f230923e419d942cf02fe936ea4fd186d3a21fa

6. Audio glitches've gone.

...So, seems not only to bump to 4.2 MPD but also to update kernel to 4.14.73+


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