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Messy Cover Art in MoodeAudio 4.3
(11-02-2018, 09:41 PM)Jimbo Wrote: Hello fellow moOdies

I have an album art problem in v4.3 but one that seems to have been caused by the update 10-19-2018.

Before the update my album art was fine.

I think it was also fine immediately after the update but I added a number of albums and decided a rescan would be a good idea.

Now the album view (thumbnail view) shows the default image for all the mp3 albums. As far as I can tell all of the FLAC and ALAC albums are fine.

If I select an album showing the default image then when it plays and I return to the Playback page it shows the correct album art on the playback page so for some reason only the album art view has the problem.

My temporary solution so far is to backtrack and use the original v4.3 without updating it.

Regardless of the above I am very pleased with moOde. In my opinion the addition of the album art view has lifted it up from being very good (better than anything else available for the Pi) to excellent.

The hard job now will be to avoid adding a million "features" that will just complicate/bloat it and slow it down. e.g. if I want to look at the lyrics they are easy to google and if I want to buy stuff or find album art there are plenty of places to go. I don't need to do that from within my music organiser/player.

Sorry I've gone into lecture mode - time to stop.


Don't worry about feature bloat or slowness. The moOde Team is hard-core minimalist and is always trying to improve performance  :-)

Thx for providing the test files. There is indeed a regression bug in the 2018-10-19 update that causes the thumbnail generator to fail to return embedded images in mp3 format files.

The fix is trivial. I'll be happy to post it if anyone wants to try it out. It requires editing a file via SSH.

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Hello Tim,

Yes please post the fix.

1. Connect via SSH

To use moOde built-in SSH terminal:
- open moOde System config
- turn SSH term server ON
- OPEN Web SSH terminal (userid = pi, password = moodeaudio)
- NOTE: to paste command strings at the prompt, right click in the terminal window then "Paste from browser"

2. Save a copy of thmcache.php

sudo cp /var/www/command/thmcache.php ./

3. Apply the fix

sudo sed -i "s/id3-/id3v2-/" /var/www/command/thmcache.php

4. Re-generate the thumbnail cache (Sources screen)

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Thanks very much Tim.

Even I was able to follow these easy steps - now I'm enjoying the music again.

Hi @Jimbo,

Thanks for confirming that the fix works :-)
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