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Thank you for your donation!

Quick background of my level of understanding.
I am an old C programmer working on prehistoric OS for a big corporation.
Thus I have some technical capability but not in a linux environment.
I am completely out of my comfort zone concerning media/audio processing.

I have a RPi 2 or 3 with moode 4.3 installed this month
I wanted to use this as a sort of central player/forwarder.
I tried Volumio and thought it rather good.
I have recently installed Moode.
I am very impressed with sound even to my ancient ears.
I have
Cambridge Audio DAC Magic
Crimson amp/preamp
JBL speakers

I have windows/linux/android systems and two other sound systems and I also have a presonus audio box for recording the next megahit (when I have managed to learn some chords).
Goodness me I ramble a bit. Age I suppose.

Anyway the point...
I was considering a couple more RPi/Moode boxes for the other sound systems and after doing some reading thought that the jackd package might facilitate all possible varieties of connecting source to sound system.
I have found no mention of jackd and Moode except in one Spotify post.
Is it possible/wise to use jackd with Moode?
How else might one 'play to' a Moode Box?

One request: If I add a radio station to my favourites it is listed as an ip address/port number. The resulting mental gymnastics may stave off alzheimers but I think I prefer to risk that in favour being told the station.

This is only my second post anywhere so I hope I have not broken any rules.

Thank you

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