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Problem: Safely ejecting a 3.5” HD
I am new to this forum but a long time user of moOde player. 
Until recently I have been using an external 2.5” USB-powered HD for music files and it never had a problem self-ejecting whenever I shutdown mooOde. 
I just switched to a 3.5” self-powered HD and noticed that it is not properly ejected. I shutdown moOde, turned the HD off, unplugged it from the Pi and plugged to a MacMini to transfer some music files. The Mac was unable to mount the drive and gave me the “...improperly  ejected driver” message. 
Is there a safe way to eject a self-powered HD from within moOde (v4.3)? Any other way?
I really need help with this problem. Any takers? Tim?

Very odd. Linux automatically "ejects" USB drives when they are removed but there may be something unique about the particular drive you are using thats causing an issue with auto-eject.

What model drive is it?

To manually "eject" a drive, enter the two commands below. The sync command flushes cached disk writes to the drive. The umount command un-mounts the drive.

sudo umount /media/disk_label

You can use the command below to find the disk_label of the drive

ls /media

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