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[Problem] Sound hum through O2 DAC
Hi Mike,
I connected the LINE OUT of O2 DAC to 3.5mm (using RCA to 3.5 cable) IN of my other amp which is connected to the bookshelves.( I do not have a main amp with RCA IN)
I do not hear a significant hum as with the Headphones in that case. I hear a very small noise from speakers but that is insignificant and also it is there when the song is not playing.
If I plug in my headphones at the same time, I can still hear the annoying noise when songs are played.

What do you think the cause would be?

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[Problem] Sound hum through O2 DAC - by chinthaka - 11-03-2018, 08:58 AM
RE: [Problem] Sound hum through O2 DAC - by chinthaka - 11-04-2018, 11:22 AM

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