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[Problem] Sound hum through O2 DAC
(11-04-2018, 11:22 AM)chinthaka Wrote: Hi Mike,
I connected the LINE OUT of O2 DAC to 3.5mm (using RCA to 3.5 cable) IN of my other amp which is connected to the bookshelves.( I do not have a main amp with RCA IN)
I do not hear a significant hum as with the Headphones in that case. I hear a very small noise from speakers but that is insignificant and also it is there when the song is not playing.
If I plug in my headphones at the same time, I can still hear the annoying noise when songs are played.

What do you think the cause would be?

Your experiment would lead to the idea that the hum is caused by the hardware rather than the software... but then the fact that Kodi is fine in the initial set-up spoils the conclusion!

- My RPi/Moode kit is in bits now (experimenting with a new PSU) so I cannot check whether the USB fix is still available in Moode 4.3. Turn on the USB (UAC2) feature (I believe you may find it in MPD settings).

- I would not discard the idea of an issue with the O2 DAC PSU (yes... LibreElec works)

 Is the 'hum' appearing while playing any music file (mp3, flac 16-24 bit/ 44.1-192.4 KHz)...?

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