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Library handling: multiple edition of the same album
I have some albums in multiple editions (e.g. UK/USA/Japan) or different bitrate (Flac/Rip from Vinyl).

At first they were differentiated by the album title tag (e.g. appending "vinyl", "live 1993" etc), then thinking of making it easier and "to follow a standard" I ran Musicbrainz Picard and another one that will not name ( Angry ) on my library... 
No matter how I manually supervised the process, those settled up for flattening the album title tags, removing the extra (e.g. Vinyl) from the album title, also put different releases into a single folder for that album and renamed the songs from different editions with the same name, just appending (1)/(2) etc
I did that as it seemed more "standard"...

Musicbrainz added/filled new tags, like MusicBrainz Identifier (uniques string like 0383dadf-2a4e-4d10-a46a-e9e041da8eb3) and also:

Quote:Disc ID: An ID calculated from the TOC of a CD.
AcoustID: the open-source acoustic fingerprint system used by MusicBrainz since 2013.
Barcode: Machine-readable numbers used as stock control mechanisms by retailers.
ISRC: The International Standard Recording Code, an identification system for audio and music video recordings.
ISWC: The International Standard Musical Work Code, an identification system for musical works.
IPI, a number identifying persons connected to ISWC registered works (authors, composers, etc.).
PUID: The IDs used in the proprietary MusicDNS audio fingerprinting system operated by MusicIP (used by MusicBrainz 2006–2013)

So musicbrainz picard now can see them as different edition, but moode/mpd can't. 

In MoOde's library those multiple editions are all shown inside the same album, so I have duplicates like song1, song1, song 1, song2, song 2, song 2 etc without knowing what they actually are.
In the album cover view, it seems it shows multiple covers of the same album, but this could be for the albums that have multiples CDs, not releases. When clicking on them it points to the same list of songs.

- I'll have to fix my library and will be a pain either way, how it's better to treat these multiple releases of the same album? 
  • As far as you know, is there a chance to see some of those tags implemented in future, so that moode/mpd could identify different edition of the same album with same title tag using those tags?
  • What should I do for now, just append back the edition/format/release to the title tag?
On Customize set Compilation rollup to NO.

MPD supports the Musicbrainz tags and at some point we will add support for them into moOde, possibly in the 4.5 release.
ok compilation rollup was already set to NO.
The problem is that many release have same title AND also same artists/albumartist. 
Only thing changing in tags are different barcode or musicbrainz specific tags (MusicBrainz Identifier, AcoustID etc.)
That's why I was asking about the state of things/future.
Hi Challenge,

I am sort of facing the same problem. I have several albums in different formats. I have kept it simple and sorted them as MP3, CD, DTS and HiRes.
When you open up the library there is that horrible list of songs with the same name, not knowing whether it's an MP3, or a 24/96 or whatever. Only playing them allows you to see what they are.

As far as the list in the library is concerned, well, I can't help you with that, but at least I can now select filters using ashuffle (I use this option in 90% of the time).
All my files have a comment tag. This comment tag can in some cases be a long string, something like: R5-CD-NAO-CWU
All parts have a meaning: R5 represents the rating of the song, CD means this a song of CD quality (16/44.1), NAO means I can't play it at the office and so on.
Another example can be: R2-HiRes
Again, the R2 represents the rating of the song, but in this case it is a HiRes song (24/96, or 24/192 or....)
If you then use ashuffle, you can, under customization, say what you want to play, MP3's, or CD quality songs, or HiRes,  or whatever you have tagged them.
I know, it's far from perfect, but at least you can play the format you want without searching for them…

If Tim adds the comment tag also to the filtering options (in the "Search" option), then you can also find them in the library. But that's for the future ;-)


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