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Here is a pretty good thread on the subject of creating a custom Plymouth splash screen. The problem with many of these descriptions is that they refer to the desktop version of Stretch instead of the Lite version. Some of these directories don't exist in Lite.

All thats needed is is to install the Plymouth pix theme pac and then use one of them for example 'pix' as a model for your own theme where you substitute your own splash.png file. Something like that.

sudo apt-get install pix-plym-splash

pi@rp5:~ $ ls /usr/share/plymouth/themes
details  fade-in  glow  pix  script  solar  spinfinity  spinner  text  tribar

pi@rp5:~ $ ls /usr/share/plymouth/themes/pix
pix.plymouth  pix.script  splash.png

To boot with the default raspberry pi foundation splash screen
sudo plymouth-set-default-theme pix

Give it a try :-)

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Perfect Tim! That works great!

Thank you,

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