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moOde doesn't see files on NAS, but linux does
The user configuration in moOde has nothing to do with the permission issues in the MPD log. In fact if you alter the user config in moOde it will probably cause breakage and side effects.

Those errors occur when MPD is not able to access the music directories and files because they are not set with the correct permissions. MPD needs to see at least read permission on the music files and read+execute permission on all music directories (and all of their parent directories).

Typically on the NAS you want to grant "Full access" to "Everyone" to the Share and then using some screen on the NAS (I have no idea how QNAP handles this) verify or set the file and directory permissions.

When the NAS is configured correctly you will see something like below when listing it's dirs from the Pi. The permissions mask is formatted as 9 bits representing Read, Write, Execute for user|group|other. In Linux "other" means "everyone".

All music directories must have at least read+execute assigned to "other" to allow MPD to access them. The line shows read and execute (marked in red) assigned to "other" for the directory "Alison Krauss". You might also see drwxrwxrwx.

drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 32768 Dec 18 11:59 Alison Krauss
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(01-15-2019, 11:38 PM)TheOldPresbyope Wrote: I guess I don't understand the question. 

You've already told the moOde Samba client the username/password to be used to access the share when you used the NAS Config panel. Apparently, your share mounts with that combination. (you can ssh into your moOde player and use the mount command to see all the parameters used when the share was mounted.) 

If you can't access subdirectories and files in the share, then you have a permissions problem external to moOde.

I know nothing about QNAP so can't comment further. Perhaps someone who has succeeded with a QNAP connection will jump in.


I have an old TS-112 for back-up duties and there was no need for extra configuration in DHCP-assigned IP address... Moode 'sees' and plays the music files without problems.
Thanks for Your help, it works

All time I was connecting to it via NFS and permissions on mounted folders were
drwxrwx--- 2 root root
Now I have tried Samba and permissions are the same as above, but I logged as user pi (who is added on NAS) and it works

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