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‘404 Not Found’error occurred during the bulid process
(04-17-2018, 03:27 AM)impjy Wrote: The following error occurred during the bulid process:

'Failed to fetch 404 Not Found', retry multiple invalid Please check this link.


The error message means what it says. The named package doesn't exist in the mirrored raspbian repository which is hosted at Shanghai University, China. We can't fix that. 

The moOde build script doesn't specify the locations of the repositories, rather they are named in the standard debian locations: /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/raspi.list in the underlying raspbian OS. In the generic raspbian-stretch-lite image we use, these files name the main raspbian mirrors and

I assume it is some variant of the debian redirection mechanism (see, running behind the scenes, which is redirecting you to the local mirror repositories

If you know how to use the Linux command line interface you can try editing the files /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/raspi.list to hard-code specific mirror repositories. Here is a list of the current raspbian repositories


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