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Where's the volume knob limiter/alarm?
Can't seem to find it anymore?
(01-28-2019, 09:46 AM)challenge Wrote: Can't seem to find it anymore?

It only existed due to a quirk with the knob code that made it easy to jump from very low volumes to very high ones inadvertently on touch devices. We made the maximum increase 10 units so that wasn’t really a problem anymore. Is there a reason you need it?
oh yes, I saw it only moves by 10 max recently, now I get it.  Missed the recent changelogs and was figuring why I couldn't find it.

A real reason for it... not sure, maybe.
Well i have a powerful amp, lately I like to mix/match/hear different speakers. Sometime they are lower power rating than the amp, so I guess having the alarm was just a safe "warning" to remember me to stop ( also I didn't trust the knob and was scared in the case of a sudden jump to 100%).

I also happen to test sometime weird ones like high-efficiency horns and such... my biggest fear is going full power 120+dB  with hundreds of real watts, inside a house, just a few meters from them...  Big Grin

if it's not too much it would be nice to have it as optional. If it's too much just forget about it.
I used it mainly as an extra safety feature, nothing more.
There is really no need for a limit since moOde 4.1 since as @swizzle mentioned the volume knob only advances +10 when tapped anywhere on the ring.

What version of moOde are u running?
ok nevermind, it works fine in the latest version. Limiter doesn't seem to be required.
If you’ll never want it over a certain level you can hard code a limit < 100. I’m on my phone right now but can post where to patch later if you’re interested, or if you’re feeling adventurous the the file is at /var/local/www/templatesw/indextpl.html and you’re looking for an input tag with an id of something like “volknob” and you’d edit the max attribute.

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