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Help! No more audio from RPI+DAC !
Hi all
yesterday I played a couple of hourse with several libraries/piece of python code, to understand how to manage LCD and OLED displays.
After that, at a given time the system was not anymore able to manage MPD. I got a message like "MPD service cannot start"...
I try to fix rebooting several times the RPI, but with no success.
At the end I decided to flash a new MicroSD with Moode 4.0 and make a complete installation. In more or less 20 min I was able to configure successfully Moode, and then I upgrade the system to Moode 4.1. After other 20 mins, I've got a working (apparentyl) system. I didn't test it, only try to navigate throuht the Web UI, and all seemed to be OK. Today, I try to play something from Tidal...and the system is absolutely mute!!!!
I try to disable the DAC (settting 'none' in the related option in the Audio configuration), enabling HDMI... but no sound out of the system!

Enabling also the local client, and plugging an hDMI cable on the TV, I see obviously the Web UI, but still no sound. Morevoer, a little yellow lightning bolt appears blinking on the top-right corner of the TV screen....

What happens? Should I but the RPI in the waste basket and buy a new one? Or , by your experience, is something that affect the DAC (honestly I cannot understand why...).

I made another test. Inserting another MicroSD in the RPi with a configured LibreELEC (I used it in another Raspy in the kitchen), the OS starts correctly, but no sound also in this case from the HDMI.....

Suggestion? Some log file that I have to check? 

If you want to output audio over HDMI then

- open Audio config and set I2S audio device to 'None'
- reboot
- open MPD config and select On-board audio device then APPLY

Yes, it was already set. Anyway... it seeems to be a Volume set problem. What's the best setting for it? Hardware, Software or 'none'?
Try Hardware volume if its offered in MPD config. None will result in 100% (0dB). Read the (i) help.
"Morevoer, a little yellow lightning bolt appears blinking on the top-right corner of the TV screen...."

You may need to uprate your power supply.


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