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Problem: Moode on RPI 3 does not spin down external 2.5 USB3 HDD after period of inactivity

Thanks for developing Moode - awesome tool and I have been enjoying it greatly.

I am running 5.3 on a Raspberry Pi 3 -> Allo Digione > DAC. Music is FLAC files on a 2.5'' USB 3.0 Samsung HDD connected to the Raspberry Pi via its USB 3.0 cable.

I have a minor issue: when I stop playback on the moode webapp, and leave the raspberry idle, the light on the hard drive remains on forever. The hard drive keeps spinning. The spinning happens even after a full day/week etc of inactivity.

Is there any way to get moode to stop spinning the hard drive after a period of inactivity? Thanks!

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