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ID Music

I try to enable Google Music on MoodeAudio , last build version.
I Followed this tread :
I modified python.

But where I found MUSIC ID , i can't find the information on my smarphone.

How to setup library on Moode.

Thanks a lot for your help

moodeutl -a
1       y       Kernel architecture
2       y       Airplay renderer
4       y       DLNA server
8       y       MPD audio scrobbler
16      y       Squeezelite renderer
32      y       UPnP client for MPD
64              Require squashfs for software update
128     y       Google Play music service
256     y       Local display
512     y       Input source select
1024            UPnP volume sync
2048    y       Spotify Connect renderer
4096    y       GPIO button handler
8192    y       UPnP media browser
16384   y       Bluetooth renderer

Platform Information

  • Raspbian: 10.3

  • Linux kernel: 4.19.115-v7+ #1305

  • Platform: Pi-3B+ 1GB v1.3

  • Architecture: armv7l

  • MPD version: 0.21.22
[Image: 1588225595-music.png]

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