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Instruction Guide CD ripper/player
Finally sorted out the genre tagging. 'abcde' has a problem with genre tagging in that it wants to convert a genre to a number for glyrc to use. Ok so what? Well for a start, abcde has a limited list of genres. Any genre not in the list is allocated a number of 255. Unfortunately, glyrc takes upon itself to ignore all other tags when the genre is 255. You then end up with a music file with no tags in it. Doh!

As an example, the genre of the album 'Lateralus' from the band called 'Tool' is Progressive metal. abcde does not have this. Only 'progress. rock'.
Another example, the genre of the album 'Hybrid Theory' by 'Linkin Park' can be classed as 'Nu metal', 'rap metal', 'alternative metal', 'rap rock' or 'alternative rock'. None of which abcde recognises. It only has 'metal', 'rap' or 'alternative'.

The offending function in abcde is called 'do_getgenreid()'. The developers should really get rid of this bit of code altogether as most if not all music players will display whatever text is in the genre tag.

Anyway, the way I got around this is to take the unconverted genre and use this to re-do the tagging in the function 'post_read()' in 'abcde.conf'. This can only be done for mp3 and flac files. The Musepack mpc tagging can only be done during the encoding process.

A consequence of this is that the patched version of abcde is no longer required. The update is available on the Github Repo.
(06-05-2020, 08:20 PM)TheMetalHead Wrote: Hello everyone. I have written some code for my version of a  CD ripper/tagger/player for use with an external USB connected CD drive.

It is available on my GitHub Repo

Everything you need to know is contained in the file of the repo.

It allows you to play your CDs without using the moOde interface. The volume being adjusted using an attached rotary encoder. CDs that have already been ripped can be batch queued for playing. The files are ripped as 320Kbps mp3.

The use case is for the other half to just play her CDs just like the old times.

If you do use the moOde interface you will see that the ripped files will have been tagged for you.

There is a configuration file to edit and an '' file to run. If you don't like it, you can use the '' file.

Sounds great! Lets try this one out Smile

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