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In order to keep this forum organised and help you as soon as possible here are some guidelines and rules.

Before posting an issue
Search the forum and google for possible solutions, often others have already encountered the same issue.
Also for basic troubleshoot guides look at:
* RPi Troubleshooting
* RPi Configuration

Posting an issue
Try to be as clear and complete as possible in your post. At a minimum state the version of moOde, model of Raspberry Pi and model of audio device that you are using. Describe how to reproduce the issue you are experiencing. If you are able to resolve the issue, report back and let us know. This will definitely help others.

Post in English Language
Post in the English language so everyone can understand your post.

Be nice, respectful to the project and its contributors, clear and complete. Posts that contain or reference any material that is deemed to be offensive, inappropriate, illegal in any jurisdiction, commercial in nature, any form of spam, trolling or any posts by automated bots will be removed by the Forum Administrator along with the userid responsible for the posts.

User Accounts
Any account that contains a bogus email address, email address of known spam or troll domains or has any information in the account whose purpose is to facilitate spam, trolling or any other offensive or malicious activity will be deleted.

Accounts that have not made a post after a reasonable time from the registration date will be automatically removed to help reduce the number of dormant spam accounts.

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