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Idea: Library search selection bar
Was just wondering if it’d be possible to have an option (or make it a default action) for whatever one last seleted in the Genre / Artists / Albums area of the Music screen to remain selected/highlighted? I.e. If I selected Rock / Bowie / Ziggy Stardust in the Music area, then went to the Playback screen and left it for a while, then went back to the Music area the highlighted selection would still be where it was when I last left it? At present going back to that screen it always defaults back to the nothing selected state. If one tends to listen a lot to one genre or artist it speeds things up a bit by the Music screen remembering the last selection.

Hope that waffle made sense! Wink

Yes, that makes sense. Currently in moOde 5 we only maintain the position of the selected album in the Tag or Album views but not the Genre or Artist from the Tag view. Added to TODO list :-)
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You’re a star! Cheers Tim! Big Grin

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