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Bad quality sound on MoodeAudio 6.x
(06-23-2020, 07:18 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Looks normal to me. Both alsamixer and amixer both report the same gain of -15.5dB for the devices main volume control named "Digital".  The Analog volume and Analog Boost or whatever its called are not really relevent. They are just two tweaking volumes on the analog side of the PCM5XXX chip.

Since I'm unable to reproduce the distortion you are experiencing there is not much more I can do.

Well, yes, they are reporting the same (why wouldn't they), but the main point is that the mpd volume (GUI knob) is controlling something else, which is not the same as the ALSA volume (digital). Check my updated post for more info.

Obviously, you can't reproduce it on your side, since you don't have the same setup. Maybe I can provide some logs, or some other commands' output, if you like?

From this article I understand, that the MPD internal volume control is basically a modified datastream, which is fed to DAC, right? When the volume set to hardware, then it is just an unmodified stream along with a value to tell the DAC the desired volume. But the EQ itself it also modifying the stream (otherwise it wound't have effect), and hence can mess up things.

Maybe we just need to adjust the EQ limits (like set a lower master gain for it)?

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