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Official moOde 7.0.1 support thread
This discussion of UPnP A/V vs OpenHome really deserves a separate thread (or, indeed, a separate website), but for some of you the answer from Cebolla in this post on another site might help understand why we are dealing with both

Open Home vs UPnP.

while from the upmpdcli maintainer's release notes:

Quote:Separate the OpenHome and UPnP/AV UPnP devices. The latter will now show up as <friendlyname>-UPnP/AV. Set upnpav=0 in the configuration if it bothers you. This makes upmpdcli more standard, having separate devices for the different sets of services instead of hosting them all under the same device.

The moOde UPnP Config panel lets us mix and match.


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