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Audio is breaking
(05-14-2021, 08:59 AM)june34 Wrote: I just recently streamed a film via Internet and I connected it successfully with my speaker. But when I started the film, the sound started to break and I couldn't really hear something. Therefore I had to disconnect and play the sound off my Computer.

I'm not sure how/if this is related to moOde.  It appears to be related to your computer failing to play sound properly though some speaker, which I'm assuming to be Bluetooth due to the "connected it successfully with my speaker" phrase.

Could you provide us with some more information, like whether you have a Mac, PC, Linux, BSD, etc. operating system, th computer make and model of the computer and of the speaker, how far apart they are, whether you are able to stream music from some other app, etc.?
  Miss Sissy Princess

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