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(08-19-2018, 01:18 AM)Onionhead Wrote: I am testing play-fi which is built in to my new AV processor ( Anthem AVM 60 ) to streaming from MoOde 4.2. Play-fi is able to connect via DLNA. MoOde DLNA  was found by Play-fi. I was able to play Koz stereo test but when I go to NAS folders are displayed but when I click on a folder a message is displayed "No audio content found". Contacted DTD Play-fi and they told me it should work but had no solution.... Same ol' tune please follow up with MoOde developer.

Anyone else tried Play-Fi? Any luck?


Is there anything special I need to configure on the MoOde side? I have enabled DLNA and MoOde DLNA is detected by other devices. 

My use case : music is stored on a Synology NAS shared folder which I typically access via MoOde 4.2  for music playback in my office. Now I want to send music from MoOde to speakers on the outside of my home.  

According to DTS Play-fi support I should have no problem playing music from any DLNA complaint source. 


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