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Idea: Add delay to the audio stream
(11-21-2021, 08:42 AM)DRONE7 Wrote:
(11-21-2021, 08:31 AM)MRamone Wrote: i think it could be useful to have the possibility to add a delay of up to a few seconds to a stream. That is, moode is receiving a stream, but plays it only x seconds after.

I think it could be done so that it is a fixed delay that the user sets or, for instance, when playing a live stream or a radio, when you play pause and then resume, the stream resumes at the point it was paused.

i can think of the following use cases, but there are probably many others:

1. allows to synchronize different systems (maybe not all of them playing on moode) in different rooms

2. many people like watching live sports on the tv while listening to the local radio comment, but very often the two are not synchronized

3. when streaming a line input (vinyl, reel to reel, CD player) that is in a different room, it would be helpful to add a delay so that you can press play (or drop the stylus) and return to the listening room on time.

Have been told in a different place that there is an option to do this in raspbian:

Lol..most posters want exactly the opposite...:-)

2) this strange thing 'sport' ..... Smile   having not owned or used a 'tv' for 30+ years perhaps I am out of the loop here.....but I can't recall any MoOde app for sports commentary.
3)  Have you tried setting the buffers in the audio tab ?

hi bob,

2) this is not my use case at all, but having been an expat across europe half of my life i have witnessed several times the guy watching the Milan - Schalke on tv in Denmark and in paralell listening to whatever RAI radio stream he could find because he doesnt understand the language, or even worse they go for schalke.... whatever, and yes, i think many people use moode to listen to radio streams, why not?
3) this is my use case and yes, i tried setting the buffers, but it didnt work

guys, this is just a suggestion, take no offense, just feel free to ignore it Smile

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