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Optimizing playback with SoX or not?
Hey all,

I have a DIY USB DAC called the Gamma2 that I have plugged into my RPi / MoOde music server. It's only capable of 16/48khz playback or input rather. Internally it automatically upsamples everything to 24/88 or 24/96. Either way the DAC expects 16/44 or 16/48. I have a lot of varied material at different sample and bit rates. If I play 24/192 at MPD defaults, audio is output at 16/48, which seems reasonable. Should I be using SoX for sample rate conversion or am I better off leaving it alone? It seems like there has to be a conversion in MPD before outputting the DAC anyways. What do you guys think?
For this, I think absolutely go for SoX! The only downside I see is that you would have to pick either 44 or 48. So whichever you pick, the other 'clocks' will suffer unnecessarily, while there is a chance that MPD is doing a 'best approach' guess of changing 192 and 96 to 48 and the other clocks to 41.

I would love an option in SoX (which is reported to be how it works elsewhere, but certainly not with the presets available in Moode?) to select something like: 16bit: 44.1/48. That would mean, up or down sample the 44.1 multiples to 44.1 and the 48 ones to 48.

Similarly, that would be useful for 352.8/384: if upsampling 48, go for 384, if upsampling 44.1go for 352.8.

Maybe I should open a different thread for this. Smile

But yes, go for SoX here, sure!
I *think* SoX works the way you describe... there is an option for 16/*Khz, which I assume means that it will choose 44 or 48 depending on the source frame rate. At least that's what's presented for settings...
Not exactly. The 16/* kHz maintains the original frequency while changing to 16 bits. But a 44.1 would be kept, a 88.2 would be kept and a 384 would be kept. What I want is to force an upsample (or downsample) to, for example, the 3xx realm, but intellengtly select the appropriate Hz according to the base frequency.

Reversely, Iwould like to select 44.1 / 48 and intelligently downsample a 384 to 48, but an 88.2 to 44.1.

Does this explain the scenario better? At any rate, I think Tim picked it up like that as he pointed to a very relevant github issue where I have posted my request.
For reference

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Is there a way to try the minimum phase vs the standard linear phase settings in Moode?

Maybe just ssh and change a flag? I’m not sure of the path.

What screen are you referring to that has "minimum phase vs the standard linear phase" settings?
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Maybe these settings, very often adjusted in sox foobar plugin on the PC:

We had a brief discussion about those settings some time ago in the old moode thread:
It looks like the feature request is still open in MPD maintainers queue.
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Thanks for the update Tim.

That is what I was asking about. I was just hoping it was something simple to play with.


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