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Idea: Implement 'inteligent' SoX resampling rates
We currently get 16 bit / *, 24 bit / * and 32 bit / *, which is nice to zero pad a signal and keep the native sample rate.

Ideally, upsampling or downsampling is better within same clocks: 44.1 and 48.  So, if I am upsampling a 44.1 file to the 3xx kHz, it is better served with a 352.8 frequency.  If I am doing the same for a 48 file, 384 makes more sense.

Could we get 'intelligent clock-wise' modes like:
16 bit : 44.1 / 48
24 bit: 176.4 / 192
32 bit: 352.8 / 384

I read somewhere that this was, precisely, the way SoX handled these scenarios, but I have done some testing and there is no way to achieve this in Moode, 384 is 384 no matter the source clock.

Can this be achieved? Thanks,
It can''t be impltmented at moOde level for a variety of reasons but it is possible to do it within MPD itself.

If you have other requirements for the feature post to MPD Git hub, hopefully before MaxK starts working on it :-)

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