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Cover Art
Maybe this is a repeat, sorry if it is.....

I noticed that when a song is playing and changes from an Internet radio station the artist name appears below the image.

If I hover of the name the "Google Search" selection appears.
If I click on the name it does a Google search of that name.
If I go to images in Google on the results I see cover art etc. for the selected artist.
Among those results are usually covers from discogs. 
Out of curiosity, I started including discogs after every name and the first results was always the discogs site with the artist cover etc.

Is it any way to leverage this to get artist images and other info the appear?

[Image: Screenshot-20190216113220-724x141_zps22cv4fta.png]

Thinking about this a little more, I was wondering if not only would it be possible to leverage the search for the image but also for any artist info....for example from Allmusic or some other source.

Or at the very least, instead of the "Google Search" option when I hover over the artist have a Icon under the radio image that I can click to directly search Allmusic, Discogs or 'other'?
Do you mean display these images in the player?

One of the challenges is that the site contains restricted content.
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(02-16-2019, 07:00 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Do you mean display these images in the player?

One of the challenges is that the site contains restricted content.

Yes I meant the Cover art images in the player.

Ahhhhh, the legal stuff.....

Actually I was reading that and it appears they fall under "Fair Use"

Fair Use – any image representing a physical or digital product in the Discogs Database for the purpose of critical commentary or for the purpose of reselling the work under the First Sale Doctrine.
“Release Images” include images depicting the release and are used in the Discogs Database and Marketplace in compliance with applicable intellectual property laws.
“Artist Images” include images of the artist or artists associated with releases listed in the Discogs Database.
“Label Images” include images related to any entity or person (other than the Artist) associated with the production, manufacture, distribution, etc. of each release.
“User Images” include profile images, avatars, and banners uploaded by users to their pages.

Do you think the search link would be of any use? On the one hand, don't want to make things too cluttered and just add stuff for the sake of adding. But on the other, I do often hear an artist that I'd like to know more about and possibly look them up on Spotify etc.  Just kind of thinking.....
Discogs CCO Data; Fair Use "No Rights Reserved"

CC0 Data: The Content includes the following JSON- and XML-formatted, CC0 data (the “CC0 Data”):

Release titles, notes, dates, format, track listings, barcodes and other identifiers, credits, versions, URL links to third-party sites
Artist names, notes, associated releases
Label, producer, manufacturer, distributor, etc. names and contact information, notes, and associated releases

It appears even images posted by users 'must' fall under CCO.

Looks like Discogs could be a treasure trove of artist 'stuff' 


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