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Problem: Browse Panel rendering issue - Firefox
In Firefox (latest, Mac version) the album / moode logo doesn't get rendered correctly in the bottom left corner, so you can't add albums etc to the playlist - 1st image.

If the window is narrowed, the image appears so you can click on it - 2nd image.

For comparison, the same view in Chrome & Safari is attached. I _think_ Safari is rendering it as intended, with text centered under the image, and the image with a nice grey background.

Perhaps make the text clickable to bring up the 'add' menu?

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I’m not seeing that behavior with either Firefox or Chrome (with latest versions of each) at various window sizes, if you could post the viewport sizes for a window that exhibits the problem behavior it’d be helpful:

The 2 column (narrow) appearance is what happens when you shrink the window enough to trigger the mobile screen media query and that appearance is correct for mobile devices. The Safari image with centered text under the album cover is the correct behavior but that’s how Chrome and FF look for me. If you’re running any extensions try disabling them maybe? I am running a newer version so there might be a bug in 4.4 that got fixed but I don’t remember us changing anything in the column view screen.
Interesting - I'm using vanilla Safari, Firefox and Chrome, with only a password manager as an extension and Adblock in the latter two.

In Firefox I see this behaviour in all sizes greater than 480 wide. Right up to 2560 × 1366 - the max I can test. I'm playing with the responsive design mode to test. I don't have a Windows or Linux box here to check.

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