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CD Storage
Curious how others are storing their CD's now that they are ripped and stored on a computer. Wife would be very happy if I cleared out all of the shelve space in the living room.

Perhaps I'm a bit or a Luddite - I want to keep the CD's, jewel cases, etc. 

I would prefer to use something sturdy made for CD's.
lol...number 1 wifelet used to say "1 in one out" (get your minds out of the gutter we're talking cds here) but recently ramped that up to "1 in 2 out"
So I just take 2 out to the mancave for each new cd indoors.

As the wifelet wouldn't have the first inkling (nor desire) of how to play from digital files there will come a tipping point where the albums she wishes to play are diminished and keep being diminished at a 2 to 1 ratio... lol
I expect we will have a conversation about either learning MoOde player or restoring house space for the cd collection.

Nota Bene... I do not know the rules where you reside but here one is free to copy/rip for personal use/other devices (think cars buses and charabancs et al) PROVIDED one retains the original purchased media.

So you can't rip and on-sell or dispose of your cds.. hence storage is a requirement.

Thus in a roundabout way my answer to your query is ... rip them! then make a big artistic tower in a free space that's wholly yours until such time as they're requisitioned into the shared space.... Big Grin Angel

I have about 50 of these full of CD's in alphebetical order:

I put numbers on the front of each box so I can keep them in order without looking inside. I leave about 10-15% of the space in each box as open space so I don't have to shuffle CD's all the time when I add a new one. Then they live on a shelving unit in a closet in my basement.

I keep thinking of selling or giving them away but I like them for some irrational reason.

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