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change clicking Play on album behavior

now when I click album picture and select Play, album is added at the end off current queue and played, can you change it so it is added at beginning off current queue?
This change would resume playing my queue, now it starts to play random songs (I have this setup) and I need to connect to UI to change playing order back to old one.

Regards Ivan
I'm not sure I understand whats not working?

In moOde 5 clicking on a cover instantly plays the album or radio station via Clear/Play. If instead u click on the ellipsis (...) icon you get a context menu with the familiar Add, Play, Clear/Add, Clear/Play options.
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Hi Tim,
that's correct also in 4.4 clicking play instantly plays album. But album is placed at end of queue. I would like that it's placed at begging of current queue. S when album is finished old playback resumes.

I'm still not sure this will work because unless the album is removed after it completes, albums will just accumulate at the top of the Playlist.
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I guess I have active option to delete song from queue after it's finished and if queue is empty play random. maybe you can implement it if this feature is active.

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