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Adding/showing folder tracks in alphabetical (file name) order
Now when I add folder tracks (without track number) to play, the order is not alphabetically, but if the track contain track number it is ordered by track number.
I think it would be better if the folder tracks were ordered by filename and alphabetically (like other folder music players) when showing/adding folder tracks to play.
(not for album tracks)
Could somebody help what should be changed/modified?
I use moode in my car. The browser client not too usable and safe when driving, because it has small icons/buttons to touch (on a 9" display), so I use MALP client.
In the MALP when I enter a folder, I can see the tracks in filename alphabetical order and I can see the filename with extension - great, like in other folder music players! In the moode browser client when I enter a folder (not playlist), I can't see the filename and neither the extension (sometimes I'd like to know whether the track is mp3 or flac) and neither in alphabetical order.
When I add the folder to play (both in malp and moode browser client), the tracks added (by the moode) (almost) alphabetically order BUT only the first appr. 10-40 tracks, the following tracks are not in alphabetical order (the order the same as can be seen in the moode browser client when entering a folder). (And it would great if the filename extension could be seen in the playlist)...

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