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Idea: URL for Moode List / Cover browse panel
Hi Tim,
first of all a big Thank you for the great program and your efforts !

I have integrated Moode in my Smart home automation system (Edomi) via iframe. Currently I access Moode via "http://ip-adress/", so playback panel is viewed. It would be really great to have the possibility to access the library panel in Artist or Cover view by a direct URL. At the moment the playback panel opens in list view.


moOde remembers the last view that was displayed and will open in that view.
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Hi Tim. Thanks for your reply. Are there some settings to activate this function? Actually it does not work with my enviroment. I have a locally attached pi touch display and additionally I access moode via http by my home automation system. Moode is integrated within a iframe. This iframe is reloaded everytime I open the moode page within the home automation system.
Thanks, Thomas
Hi Thomas,

As an example, on my 7" Touch if I'm on the Library Tag view and then either Menu, Refresh or Many, Restart, Reboot it comes back up displaying the Library Tag view.

The current_view setting is not configurable from the UI, it's set automatically depending on what view is currently being displayed.

You can view the setting with the command below.

sqlite3 /var/local/www/db/moode-sqlite3.db "select * from cfg_system where param='current_view'"
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