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N00b q's: Create SMB share and Multi-room
Heya, Just installed Moode and have been playing around with it today all day.

I am using an Raspberry Pi with a DACberry ONE+.
As an audio source I have attached an external HD to the Raspberry Pi.

Now I am wondering two things:

1. Can I mount the external USB drive on my Mac and use it also as my primal iTunes library? This way I could add, remove, maintain and clean up the database from my Mac with iTunes, which seems a lot easier then the Moode interface for this.

2. Can I send the audio signal to an (or several) Airplay enabled speaker(s) in another room from the Moode?

Thank you already for helping me onboarding this amazing OS into my home.
You prolly could do that. I'd suggest formatting it as VFAT (Fat32).

moOde Airplay functions only as a receiver.
Great!  rebooted the system and now it does indeed show up... was easier then expected.
Too bad about the multiroom option. Is that something that is possible and maybe a future feature?

One other thing: is there a way to remove SDCARD from the sources list?

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