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Instruction Guide 128x64 OLED with Song Status and Spectrum Display on Raspberry Pi
(12-04-2020, 03:19 PM)adrii Wrote: Hi Alain

Commenting out those lines should work (although they are in the wrong order). Did you build mpd_oled again (without errors) and run the the install command (or run a ./mpd_oled  test comand)?


P.S. mpd_oled works fine with Moode 7, but needs a new patch. I will update the instructions when Moode 7 is released.

Darn Blush  forgot to rebuild.
ok I just rerun but still didn't change anything.
I have to go out for a while and will look at it this after noon.

Also thanks for looking in 7 update.
ok it's good Smile 
Now I need to resize the spectrum to fill the all screen width.
I think it's in display.cpp
That's it, I got only the spectrum and bitrate to show on the small screen when playing. (all other infos are on the bigger screen)
here is what I changed, if anyone cares.

sudo nano /home/pi/mpd_oled/main.cpp

commented out everything but draw_spectrum and draw_text (for bitrate)
Spectrum height changed from 32 to 50
bitrate moved under spectrum, centered, 50,56

void draw_spect_display(ArduiPi_OLED &display, const display_info &disp_info)
  const int H = 8;  // character height
  const int W = 6;  // character width
  draw_spectrum(display, 0, 0, SPECT_WIDTH, 50, disp_info.spect);
//  draw_connection(display, 128-2*W, 0, disp_info.conn);
//  draw_triangle_slider(display, 128-5*W, 1, 11, 6, disp_info.status.get_volume());
  if (disp_info.status.get_kbitrate() > 0)
    draw_text(display, 50, 56, 4, disp_info.status.get_kbitrate_str());

//  int clock_offset = (disp_info.clock_format < 2) ? 0 : -2;
//  draw_time(display, 128-10*W+clock_offset, 2*H, 2, disp_info.clock_format);

//  vector<double> scroll_origin(disp_info.scroll.begin()+2,
//                               disp_info.scroll.begin()+4);
//  draw_text_scroll(display, 0, 4*H+4, 20, disp_info.status.get_origin(),
//      scroll_origin, disp_info.text_change.secs());

//  vector<double> scroll_title(disp_info.scroll.begin(),
//                              disp_info.scroll.begin()+2);
//  draw_text_scroll(display, 0, 6*H, 20, disp_info.status.get_title(),
//      scroll_title, disp_info.text_change.secs());

//  draw_solid_slider(display, 0, 7*H+6, 128, 2,
//      100*disp_info.status.get_progress());

For Spectrum to show on the entire width of the screen, sudo nano /home/pi/mpd_oled/display.cpp was modified on line 47, "width" became 128.
int total_bar_pixes = 128-(num_bars-1)*gap;

then run

cd mpd_oled
sudo bash
hi Adrian,

 Do I have to run this command with Moode 7? "
sqlite3 /var/local/www/db/moode-sqlite3.db.....

I'm not sure if it's related to the #6 installation or for all of them.
Hi Alain

No, those three commands are only for Moode 6 (it should do no harm to run them on Moode 7, they are just unneeded).

in a first step i bought a to small 0.9" OLED Display ;-(

Now i wish a bigger one and found this

128 x 64 Pixel mit SSD1325

will the SSD1325 also work?

and will it work with mood 7?

have a nice day
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Hi vinc

The SSD1325 isn't directly supported by mpd_oled, and from a quick web search I didn't see anything saying the SSD1325 is compatible with the SSD1306 or SH1106, so my guess is that it won't work with mpd_oled.

For a larger display that is compatible with mpd_oled check some of the earlier messages in the thread that mention OLEDs using the SSD1309 controller, which is compatible with the SSD1306.

(12-22-2020, 06:08 AM)adrii Wrote: Hi Alain

No, those three commands are only for Moode 6 (it should do no harm to run them on Moode 7, they are just unneeded).


Hi Adrian,
I was referring to this:

Now, enable the Moode metadata file
sqlite3 /var/local/www/db/moode-sqlite3.db "update cfg_system set value=1 where param='extmeta'" && mpc add ""
I was wandering, because after setting up the spectrum, Moode becomes unresponsive, the spectrum and time are working but everything is so slow to react on the browser UI.
Hi Alain

That command should just enable the metadata file the same as if you did it from the Moode UI, but is more convenient if already issuing commands in a shell.

If the UI is still unresponsive after restarting the PI then log back in and run 'top' to see if something is using up lots of CPU or memory.

I didn't see any issues like this when installing mpd_oled on the Moode 7 release candidate on a Pi Zero.

ok thanks,
Here is what I get trying to pause a song playing. PC UI is locked cannot access it from phone. Every second, the spectrum moves and stops, same for text scrolling. And it looks like if I don't kill it it will stay that way.

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