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Problem: UPnP Renderer disapearing

I've a Raspberry Pi 1B which I use as UPnP-renderer in my bathroom.
The device is running all the time.

Since Moode v3.7 I have Problems regarding to UPnP (I believe).
  • If I start the player and leave it running till next day, the device doesn't appear in my BubbleUPnP-app on my Android-smartphone anymore. I have to restart Moode then.
  • If I play some songs via UPnP, sometimes BubbleUPnP losts its conncetion to Moode and I can't control the device anymore via the app. The playlist in Moode is still working. Controling via webconfig is still possible. I have to restart Moode to control via BubbleUPnP again.
  • Sometimes if I start playing songs via UPnP the music is stuttering for about 10 to 15 seconds. Then it plays as normal.
Since Moode v4.1 or 4.0 I have Problems with streaming internetradio-streams via UPnP. On my Android-Smartphone I use XiiaLive to get the stream in the BubbleUPnP-App. From there I stream it to moode. Until v3.7 this worked without problems. Streaming this way to other UPnP-renderers is still possible, so I think it's not regarded to my smartphone or network.

I haven't testet this with my Raspberry Pi 2B and 3B. So I don't know if the problems are just related to Raspberry Pi 1B.

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