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CUE files behaviour
The problem with CUE files in library is well known. It is supposed to be and MPD problem not moode by itself.

There are a few additional CUE troubles that i can point out. 

1) In case you saved playlist with cue files in it, after loading such a playlist will be corrupted. Each playlist line with CUE will be aliased to whole CD not to a correct CUE tag with one song.

2) If you  choose "play" the folder containing CD file + CUE file, CUE will be ignored and only the whole CD file will be added to playlist which is undesireblae behaviour

can it be fixed somehow?
I could add a lot of workaround code to maybe improve cue sheet handling but then if MPD dev implements better handling then all my code has to be ripped and replaced with whatever MPD needs.

I think I'll have to wait and see what MPD dev does.

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I anderstand. But may be at least it is worth, to change the way folders with CUE added to playlist, isn it?

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