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Idea: OwnCloud NextCloud webDAV source support
Question: is there anybody out there who has his/her music library on a ownCloud / nextCloud server on the internet and would like to play his/her music on moOde from it? Therefore a general implementation would be webDAV protocol as library source. Then a lot of other hosting services also could be used.
(in owncloud/nextcloud the webDAV URL then looks something like "")
So this is no feature request yet  Wink Anybody else who would be interested in this function?

Btw: using webDAV to play music on the go from my smartphones and tablets. On Android I recommend "X-plore" File Manager, on iOS "FileExplorer". Yes its funny/sad (the idea took me more than a year): for playing music from webDAV do not use a music player app with webDAV support (none existing or not working) but use a file manager supporting webDAV and integrated music player.
Hi. I´m trying to do this too and here is what´ve worked for me,  it´s very easy to do with command line:

1. acces via ssh
2. instal davfs2
3. use /media as mount point so moode will detect it like a normal usb disk
4. update library

That´s all.

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