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Idea: multi-volume discs and "discsubtitle"

I very much like the way moOde deals with multi-volume discs, using only one entry and showing the single discs by "discnumber" in the list of titles. Since I use MusicBrainz, I also use the field "discsubtitle" for the title of the respective single disc. And it would be great if that "discsubtitle" could appear next to the "discnumber" in the list of titles. Is it possible to achieve that by a simple hack, or would it take serious work? I'm no expert on this. Maybe the fields used by MusicBrainz too non-standard to consider?

I would be very interested to know how other moOde-users deal with multi-volume discs. Are there other ways apart from the one I mentioned?

Thank you

MPD is the “eye of the needle” through which track metadata gets to moOde. There’s a list on the mpd site but I’m on my phone and can’t easily copy over the URL.

Here are the tags that are available to moOde.
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